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Sunday, 22 May 2016

REVIEW AND SWATCHES: Morphe 35O & 35K Palette

ITEM: Morphe 35O Palette & 35K Palette (Links are to the actual Morphe Website. For Australian retailers, please see below).
PRICE: $22.99USD (Price on the Morphe Website)

So I am sure everybody knows that one of the most hyped about brands these days is undoubtedly Morphe Brushes. And of course one of the most popular items from them is the 35O Palette. (And I mean, the popularity is so justifiable considering the gorgeous shades and the hype!) With all of this said, you know that I would have to do a review on something that is so raved about.

I have had the palette for a while now, but it took me so long to get on the review wagon because I didn't want to write about something that is sold out. But since this palette gets sold out within hours of getting released, I realised (finally) that it will be impossible to time this perfectly. That aiming to get this post up while the product is in stock will be close to impossible. So I decided to finally just review it! It is constantly restocked so don't fret! If you keep a close eye on their instagram, they are always updating you on when the palette is about to be restocked (and it does happen on the regular)! So just keep your eyes peeled. 

I know that they have the newer versions of the 35O (with the all matte and all shimmer versions), but I think this palette is still more popular so I think the review is warranted. I am doing the review with the 35K palette (because you know, 2 in 1 is always good)! They are somewhat similar and somewhat different palettes so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone in this post. So I hope you enjoy!