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Wednesday, 16 November 2016


ITEM: LORAC PRO Palette 3 (U.S. Link and Price HERE)
PRICE: $82.99AUD (Price at

So... with Christmas around the corner, I thought that doing a review on this little gem was a perfect idea! And with the differing views that are available out there on this little guy, I would like to put in my little two cents about the palette! And as you can see, the palette is the Lorac Pro Palette 3!

I have had it for a while. But if you follow me on social media (Instagram: and Snapchat: @mnhwangg) you would know that FT work has been killing me and just don't have time to play around with makeup much. So despite having had it for ages, this blog post is going up super late. I didn't want to give you a half decent review, but wanted to make sure it was one that was well-informed and after at least a couple of uses. So here goes nothing!