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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

SPEND OR SAVE?: Viseart Neutral Matte Palette vs Stila Eyes Are the Window to the Mind Palette

HIGH END ITEM: Viseart Neutral Matte Palette (01) (U.S. Price and Link HERE) 
RRP: $98AUD (Price at PM Studio)

AFFORDABLE ITEM: Stila Eyes Are the Window to the Mind Palette (U.S. Price and Link HERE)
RRP: $78AUD (Price at MECCA)

I know that this SPEND OR SAVE is again one which doesn't include an "affordable" product - that I am comparing two more expensive products. But there is quite a significant price difference between these two products so I thought that it would still be worth a SPEND OR SAVE post.

So I was doing a friend's makeup for her wedding and was explaining the colours I was about to use and what kind of products I was going to use. Then somehow I was holding the Stila Palette in one hand and the Viseart in the other and I was like... what?? They look so similar. Both an all matte palette, both have that gorgeous red-earthy-terracotta shade, both quite neutral and everyday shades, both WOW! So obviously, I needed to do a post comparing them!

I hope you enjoy it anyway, and leave a comment below with requests for future posts guys!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

QUICKIE: Colourpop Creme Gel Pencil Liners

ITEM: Colourpop Creme Gel Pencil Liner

So a product that I have a lot of and have experimented a lot with is the Colourpop Creme Gel Liners. In particular, the pencil version! I realised that I hadn't written about it on my blog despite having so many and always using them. So I decided to do a QUICKIE on them because it's not that complicated to tell you my opinions. So HERE GOES!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

REVIEW AND SWATCHES: BECCA Colour Correctors & Concealer Creme

ITEM: BECCA Cosmetics Backlight Targeted Colour Correctors and Ultimate Coverage Concealing Creme (U.S. Price and Link - Concealer HERE & Corrector HERE)
PRICE: $50AUD - same for both Concealer & Corrector (Price on

So I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous delivery from BECCA Cosmetics. This time round they sent me their new pot concealers and correctors. I have been super busy doing full time work, so I haven't had the chance to write my blog post on the products. However! Since I have been super busy, I haven't frequently sported full face of makeup, but instead concealed areas and VOILA! I would walk out the door. I have also been getting a fair amount of redness on my face in various places so I needed to conceal those suckers well. And inevitably, full time work plus full time study plus 100 other commitments will always end in dark circles that need the assistance of a good corrector. So this season in my life has been perfect to test out these products.