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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

FAVOURITES: February 2015

So I decided to start a Monthly Favourites blog post to summarise the things that I have been obsessed with. I won't have too much boring detail in it but will quickly summarise why I have been loving it (and as usual, all the links will be provided if you just click the name of the product!)

So...These are a few of my favourite things! *whistles* (I had to. Sound of Music is one of my favourite movies ever!)

So I will try to go in a logical order.

Left: Chi Chi Fabulous & Flawless Foundation
Right: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (U.S. link HERE)
This has been my absolute GO-TO combination for my base recently. To see my detailed opinions on both of these products go to these links (Hourglass Review & TOP 5 Foundation Reviews). Paired together, these have been giving me an absolutely airbrushed and flawless look! It gives a subtle glow, lasts all day and looks really good in photos!
MAC Cosmetics Prolong Wear Concealer
I neglected this concealer for a little while and ventured onto new products. However, in the month of February, I decided to go back to ol' faithful and it did not let me down! I actually don't have a problem with the pump. I was always super careful with it and now can easily just get a tiny bit of product out of it (so maybe be super gentle for the first month or two and then you should be good with the amount it dispenses). Anyways, the hype around this product is real! Definitely a must try. Doesn't crease, full coverage, lasts all day! (Only it has a funky smell lol).
Tony Moly Crystal Blusher
Shade: Gold Glamour 8
My new highlighting obsession! I bought this at BLACKTOWN TONY MOLY (for all you Sydney-siders!) And I have not been able to use another highlighter since. I do try to use something else, but this just makes my face looks so... beautiful. It has very fine specks of shimmer through it but nothing harsh at all. On the face, it just gives this amazing beautiful glow that makes you look super healthy yet glamorous. I'm hooked! A tiny bit goes a long long way and it is comparable in finish to Mary-Loumanizer and BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow: Caramel
So... obviously that colour Caramel is my absolute obsession! (I already hit pan). In this photo it is in the Amrezy Palette. However was limited edition and so they don't sell it anymore. I do however have it in the single form and that is what I have linked above in the caption. Nonetheless, this has been my GO-TO colour for the crease on all occasions - to give subtle definition to the socket on a more 'natural day' or as a transition shade on more glam days. No matter what I always find myself dipping back into this bad boy and I have never loved a shade more than I love this one! 
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (U.S. link HERE)
Shades: Marizpan & White Chocolate
I never really reached for this much when I first got it (I literally only reached over when I wanted to take a whiff of the enticing smell it has). However, this month I've left it on my vanity as a necessity. Particularly for the White Chocolate colour (big white strip at the top) and Marzipan (middle row second from the left). I use White Chocolate to set my eye primer (below) just as a base. It smells divine (on my eye! haha) and it is a subtle but nice clean colour. Marzipan is a gorgeous glowy nude shade that is a beautiful pop all over the eyelid. Super pigmented, smooth and blendable! I love it!
NARS Smudge-Proof Eyeshadow Base (U.S. link HERE)
This eyeshadow base is a MUST HAVE. I tried to go without it for a week or two and I just couldn't do it. No concealer or other eye primer can compare to this. It stops the shadow from creasing, it makes eyeshadow last all day and it really controls oily lids! I cannot do my makeup without this baby!
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara (Waterproof) (U.S. link HERE)
If you know me, I have used Diorshow Waterproof since I was 15 and have only added Lancome Hypnose Waterproof into my routine since then. I was always reluctant to change my mascaras because I have long lashes and find it the most important part of my make up. I particularly didn't have good experiences with several popular drugstore mascaras so I haven't tried one for ages but... one day I bought this product on sale and... I am truly impressed. It blew all my high end mascaras out of the water! It holds curl like no other. Everything else is comparable to my other mascaras, but the holding power it has for my curls (and remember, I have Asian lashes) is incomparable!!! If you have stubborn Asian lashes, I definitely recommend this drugstore product!
Too Faced Melted Liquified Long-Wear Lipstick (U.S. link HERE)
This is a new product for me but it has quickly become my obsession! In this photo is the colour Melted Chihuahua, but I like all of the shades!! The packaging? Perfect - so pretty. Applicator? Perfect - so comfy soft and easy to use. Formula? PERFECT - so easy to apply and glides perfectly. I can't think of anything bad to say about this product. It's a total must have!
NARS Audacious Lipstick (U.S. link HERE)
Okay, if ever there was a life-changing lipstick THIS IS IT. I don't even have a specific colour that I want to focus on, I just think you should go and test out the line in a store, and thank me later. The formula and packaging on this is impeccable. Super pigmented, glides on beautifully and smooth, not drying at all, sturdy magnetic packaging, long-lasting. The only problem I have with it? MECCA is always out of the nude shades!
Top: Wayne Goss Brush 15
Middle: Wayne Goss Brush 11
Bottom: Sigma E20 Short Shader
I don't really get impressed or obsessed by tools (other than the Beauty Blender of course). But these three brushes has been irreplaceable. 

Wayne Goss Brush 15: this is the first fan brush I have ever owned. However I had used others and nothing compares to this. I use this with my highlighters and it applies it flawlessly and lightly. It is soooooo soft that it doesn't even feel like anything is touching my face. The quality is on point and the utility is spot on. Obsessed.

Wayne Goss Brush 11: just like the fan brush, the quality of this brush is perfection. I honestly say it's comparable to Chikuhodo and Hakuhodo brushes. The bristles are so gentle on the face, it cannot be explained in words. I love this brush for its versatility. It's got long bristles and it isn't overly dense. This allows me to do natural blush and/or bronzer with it (even highlighter) and it will look flawless and airbrushed. I can't put this brush down!

Sigma E20: I don't think I have loved an eye brush as much as this one before. It is absolutely perfect for the bottom lash line. It's precise enough to place the colour exactly where you want it, but the bristles a long enough to nicely blend it out. I used to use two brushes to do the job of this one! I love it. I have to admit the bristles are a little prickly, however I hve never been able to find a brush with this perfect shape before so it is irreplaceable in my collection!

If you guys have any questions comments or recommendations leave them below! Also let me know what YOUR feb faves were!


  1. Great choice of products ! I love your blog
    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thanks a lot Stavey! I really appreciate it xx