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Sunday, 5 April 2015

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit

ITEM: Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit

Thanks to the popular demand of my review on the ABH powder contours (link is HERE) and the ABH liquid lipsticks (link is HERE), I found that the Cream Contour Kit was inevitable.

After testing this extremely popular product - the Anastasia Cream Contour Kit, I have decided to do a complete review and swatches of it for everyone. I only purchased the Medium Kit because that is what I thought would be my shade. However, there is also a Light Kit and a Deep Kit. They are also in the process of releasing a Fair Kit but have yet to do so.

For my fellow Aussies out there, this is available on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website (as linked above) - which ships internationally. For others, Macy's also stock this product. If you shop through Ebates (link is here) you can also get cashback on your purchase (making the product even cheaper than through the direct website)!

So now that we have gone through all the logistical things, we will jump straight into the review and swatches! 

Top Row: Banana - Cream - Warm Coral
Bottom Row: Nude - Cinnamon - Chocolate
I am about an NC25-35 somewhere in skin tone (with strong yellow undertones) and as I already mentioned, I have the Medium Kit. 

Top Row: Banana - Cream - Warm Coral
Bottom Row: Nude - Cinnamon - Chocolate
This palette comes with three highlight shades (top row) and three contour shades (bottom row). One of the biggest issues that people have found with this palette is that the contour shades are very warm. I personally love warm shades on my extremely yellow skin, so for me this is not an issue. However, if you are someone who has fair skin or prefers a more grey contour shade (which I know is technically the better shade for contouring), then you will probably have issues with the contour shades in this palette.

I love the contour shades and I love the banana and cream shades. However, the warm coral shade would not be suitable for highlighting in my opinion. It is better as a blush or only beneficial for those with very severe dark circles. I think that the colour is a little bit too strong for this palette and doesn't really fit into the colour scheme well. I do nonetheless think that this can be useful in other ways (as mentioned). Ultimately however, I wouldn't complain too much about the shade selections. 

For the texture and blend-a-bility, I would say that this isn't the creamiest formula or one that is super blendable on it's own. It feels kind of dry on my skin - especially considering that I myself, have very dry skin. However, I found that if you place one small drop of facial oil (I use my Josie Maran Argan Oil), and mix it together and then use the product, it is super creamy, super blendable, easy to work with and looks flawless on the skin. So I don't think it's the best alone and found it difficult, but this was a technique that I learnt on Manny MUA's video (link is here), and found that it works beautifully like this.

This product is extremely pigmented. So the tiniest bit goes a long way. I found that if I put too much on my face, blending took so long because it was so ridiculously pigmented. However, once you have managed to blend it out, you can see how natural and flawless it looks. It can be built up to really give cut definition, or a tiny bit can be used to give the most subtle contoured look.

Please note this photo is not tilted. That is what it looks like in person.
One issue I had with the palette that has nothing to do with the integrity of the product or formula was that the wells were not straight. I am aware that this can simply be an OCD issue, but I really did not like that it was diagonal, and when the lid was closed, the misaligned products were really obvious. That is because the lid is transparent, so you can see that the wells don't line up well and are 'wonk-y'. I am aware this is a minor manufacturing issue, but it was something that irked at my OCD.


Step 1: Apply a light layer of foundation onto your face. (Below I used my Makeup Forever HD Foundation).

Step 2: Drop a tiny bit of oil onto the top of the highlight shade you wish you use. (Below I used Banana).

Step 3: Mix the oil in and place the highlight shade on all the areas on your face which you wish to bring forward. I place it underneath my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, top of my lip, on my chin, and a little bit on the jaw line. 

Step 4: Drop a tiny bit of oil onto the top of the contour shade you wish to use. (Below I used Cinnamon). For a stronger contour, also include a tiny bit of the darkest shade in the palette - Chocolate.

Step 5: Mix the oil in and place the contour shade on all the areas of your face which you wish to send back. I place it down the sides of my nose, just under my cheekbones (the hollows of my cheeks), on the temples, under my bottom lip, and underneath my jaw line.

Step 6: Grab a beauty blender and blend in the highlight shades.

Step 7: Use the beauty blender or brush to now blend in the contour shades. (I used my Hakuhodo J212 brush).

Step 8: Set your under eyes with a powder. (I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Powder in Banana).

Step 9: Set your contour with a powder. (I used my Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Golden Light).
For a video on the steps that I follow, I pretty much did the same as Manny MUA in the above linked Youtube video, so you can refer to that if you wish. I think it's a great formula that did not break up during the day, did not dry out my skin, did not fade and did not move or slip around. However, because I did mix the oil into the product, it was very tacky and that is why every time I used it I had to ensure to set it with some sort of powder. 

Overall: I enjoy this palette for special occasions. Pigmentation is great, with an oil it's extremely creamy and blendable, it gives a beautiful finish and can be used both underneath and on top of foundation. However, I think that the packaging was one issue, but I feel that this is a bit excessive for an every day look and would only really use it on a special occasion. 

Rating: 7.5/10

If this product doesn't seem right for you and prefer the ABH Powder Contours link is HERE for a review and swatches of all the available colours. If you want to find out about the ABH Liquid Lipsticks link is HERE for a review and swatches for some of the colours. Enjoy.


  1. This looks incredible and so creamy. I love the different shades the palette offers. - Tala x

    1. Yes it's really nice and mixed with oil is quite creamy!

  2. I'm thinking of getting the powder palette, I don't think I would use the cream as much. But they are amazing and look flawless on!

    Giselle ♥

    1. Hi Giselle, I actually have a review and swatches of all the powder refills available.

      This reviews and swatches the entire contour book. ;) Maybe that will help you decide!

  3. Nice review, i like Anastasia.. been using her eyebrow gel forever! found you on FB beauty bloggers

    1. Thanks Deanna. I use the pomade and love it so much too!

  4. i really want this pallet! Great review!

    Shareena |

  5. I just recently purchased the powder contour kit, and I'm really enjoying it! The cream contour seems much more dramatic, and, as you mentioned, great for special occasions. You did a wonderful job contouring, and look beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I totally agree. This one is more dramatic than the powder contour kit (particularly since the powder contours you can choose more subtle shades, but you don't have that flexibility with this product). It's also so much effort and work compared to the quick powder kit! But it's definitely great for special occasions.

      It's good that you're enjoying the powder contour kit! I love mine! :)

  6. Duuhhh! I wish I could get the whole hang of contour and highlight. These products looks so tempting and nice.

    Sam|| BeautyDetour

    1. Honestly the 3 tips I would give is
      1. Less is more. Always start with a little and slowly build it up

      2. Know your face. If you know what your face shape is like, you will know where the ideal placement is.

      3. Blend til your arms fall off. Hahaha

      But if you want to experiment first, grab the LA Girl concealer in a dark shade and test it out. Its affordable PLUS its easier to blend out creams and experiment with them than powders. Powders can get blotchy or ugly.

      Hahaha that was too long of a response, but hopefully it helped. Xx