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Saturday, 4 April 2015

SPEND OR SAVE?: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer vs NYX Angel Veil Primer

HIGH END ITEM: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (U.S. link and price HERE)
RRP: $69 for 30mL (Price at MECCA)

DRUGSTORE ITEM: NYX Angel Veil Primer (U.S. link and price HERE)
RRP: $16USD for 30mL (Price on Beautyjoint excl. shipping)

The second instalment of my Spend or Save series will be comparing the very popular Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer with the affordable NYX Angel Veil Primer. So first of all we will kick off with the Hourglass primer! 

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Price: $69 (in Australia) and $52 (in the U.S.)
My opinion on this product:
You guys know that I am head over heels for this product. For a full review on it please go to this link here.

NYX Angel Veil Primer
Price: $16USD (Aussies need to see conversion rates)
My opinion on this product:
This has a mousse-like consistency and it glides onto the face extremely smooth. It creates a perfect base for you to put the rest of your makeup on top of. It really helps your makeup last all day and does not dry out my extremely dry skin. It has no fragrance (which is always a plus) and it feels super light weight when you apply it to the skin.
Left: NYX Angel Veil Primer
Right: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
One key difference between the two products is that you need ever so slightly more product when you use the NYX. So the amount of the NYX product shown in the above picture (left side) will cover only half your face. However, the amount of the Hourglass product shown in the above picture (right side) will cover your ENTIRE face. 
Left: NYX Angel Veil Primer
Right: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Another slight difference is the consistency and colour of the products. The NYX (above left) is ever so slightly more thick and mousse-y than the Hourglass. It is also a more white colour then just blends into nothing. The Hourglass (above right) is slightly more water-y and liquid-y (which is probably why a tiny bit can blend a loooong way), and it has an interesting blue-ish tint through it (as you can probably see in the picture above).

So when testing out the performance of these two products, I used them several times individually and then there were also days that I would put the Hourglass one half my face and the NYX on the other half of my face.


  • Finish on the skin: Both have a beautifully smooth application that provides an amazing base and finish for makeup to go on top of. I would say to give it a couple of seconds to be absorbed and any and all makeup can glide easily and beautifully across.
  • Amount of product in packaging: Despite the Hourglass packaging looking like it holds more product than the NYX, both hold the same amount. 
  • Hydration: As repeatedly stated through my blog, I have extremely dry skin. Both these primers did not accentuate my dryness, both maintained my hydration, and both were able to allow makeup not to pull or shrivel up my skin. It was amazing. 
  • Longevity: Both products made my makeup last all day. Although it could be a combination of factors which help the longevity of my makeup, I do think that the primers played a big role in the longevity.


  • Consistency: The NYX product is slightly more mousse-like and "fluffy" than the Hourglass which is more runny and liquid-like.
  • Amount of product needed: The NYX you needed almost double the Hourglass when you're applying the product to your face. But I don't think that this is a huge downfall.
  • Colour: As aforementioned, the Hourglass has a very subtle blue tint through it (which does not show up on the face) and the NYX is a clear, transparent white colour.
  • Scent: The NYX has no fragrance at all. The Hourglass has the most slightest fragrance but it is not one that is pungent or off-putting.
  • Packaging: The Hourglass comes in a weighted and beautiful glass bottle with a pump. The NYX comes in a squeeze-y tube. (Both of which have pros and cons). 

Verdict: SAVE! Although you do need a little more product when you're applying it to your face, the NYX performs identically to the Hourglass but costs a fraction of the price. 


  1. Love NYX and I've just gotten my first Hourglass blush. Do you have a preference for oily skin?

    1. Hi Chameleon. Unfortunately I cannot say for certain the preference for oily skin. However I have heard that the Hourglass is amazing for oily skin! But that the NYX is a similar dupe. If you watch whatwoudlizzydo on youtube I think she tells her preference!

  2. The NYX one sounds great! x

    Jasmine ||

    1. It is amazing Jasmine. I cannot recommend it enough! :)

  3. I love spend or save posts! I'm glad the dupe version worked. I think half the fun is getting to try it all out. lol #fbbloghop

    1. Couldn't agree more. And then it's so exciting when the save is the better option! ;)

  4. I have samples of the Hourglass primer and although I love it, primers aren't something I necessarily splurge on. Great to have a recommendation for a more budget friendly alternative.

    1. I'm glad that you found an alternative! I really hope it works as well on you as it did on me!