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Sunday, 13 December 2015

REVIEW: LORAC Pro Contour Palette & Brush

ITEM: LORAC Pro Contour Palette & Brush (U.S. Link and price HERE
PRICE: $86.99 (AUD - MYQT - Plus you can get free express shipping if you spend $100)

So there has been unlimited hype about this product - I would honestly say that it was the most raved about contour palette after Kat Von D Shade & Light (REVIEW HERE). So... I have been dying to get my hands on so that I can test, try, use, and review for everyone! (And judging from my instagram post, this was something everyone was waiting for anxiously).

I do apologise that it took so long - a lot of things got in the way of this (macbook breaking, assignments consecutively being due, being sick etc). I have also had so many technical issues with my camera.  BUT! I am getting it up now. I'm so sorry.

So for in depth thoughts and opinions on the product, please keep reading and enjoy!
So let's start with packaging. It is slim, sleek, beautiful and light. I love it. It comes in that typical LORAC packaging - slightly rubbery (similar to NARS), and I know that some people don't like it because it does attract fingerprints and gets dirty quickly. However, to me, it's not a big issue. I love the compact size and it's lightweight packaging. 

Let me also mention that this comes with a brush. Yes it is pricey. But the brush comes with it - rather than having to purchase it separately. The brush isn't a high-end brush, but it is good quality. It is soft and not scratchy at all. However it is a pretty dense brush that doesn't have much give. So when I use the brush with any product, it is great for placement of the contour powder, but it is difficult to blend with.

Other so now we can jump into the actual product! The formula for the powders is honestly identical to their eyeshadows. It is super creamy, super soft, super pigmented (and therefore kicks up a lot of powder), and a tiny bit goes a long long way. Like a very long way so you really do need to be light handed when applying the product. I know that people do not like how much powder the LORAC shadows kick up. I personally don't mind, but if it is something that irks you about the shadows, then this palette isn't for you.

Overall, I think the powders are very pigmented, are great colours, blends well, and look great on the skin. With the blending, you just got to make sure that you have powdered your face after foundation and then it will blend flawlessly. I once forgot to powder and just this palette and... it just looked super muddy and was very difficult to blend. However whenever I use it after a powder, it definitely just blends super easily. So remember that!

The colour range is great. I think that it caters to a huge portion of skin colours - light to medium to dark to deep. It is not a palette that you would use every single colour (which is the same for many contour palettes), but it is still beneficial for a lot of different skin colours. I love that the more "popular" shades are ever-so-slightly bigger in size than the other shades. I think that was smart. The mirror in the palette is also great - a good size and clear.

Honestly, the palette is great. Travel friendly, good colours, great pigmentation etc. However the only thing for me is that the yellow powder isn't necessarily brightening. I think that it's also a bit too pigmented. What I mean firstly is that when I put it on it isn't like WOW BRIGHT! It is more a setting powder. Secondly, because I have a lot of fine lines under my eyes, I like my under eye setting powder to be somewhat light and not thick. However because it is sooooo pigmented, I need to use an extra light hand to get that light layer. I can do it, but just requires a bit of effort. (And I'm lazy). The entire palette just needs you to remember that - a tiny tiny tiny bit goes a ridiculously long way.
Left to Right:
Beige Highlight - Yellow Highlight - Shimmer Highlight - Light Contour - Deep Contour - Medium Contour
Now, the question on everyone's mind is Kat Von D or LORAC? And I am so sorry to say but I don't have a finite answer for you. I think the thing I love most about the Kat Von D palette is how brightening the yellow powder in the palette is. You place it under and BOOM your under-eyes are super bright. The LORAC palette yellow powder doesn't have that affect. However, I think that the LORAC palette contour shades blend a TEENY TINY bit better. So it really depends on what you value as most important. OH! AND! the Kat Von D has a peachy-orange matte shade for under the eyes (catering to darker skin tones), but the LORAC Palette alternatively has a shimmery light highlighting powder. So that is something to keep in mind too.

Overall: The packaging is perfection. The mirror is great. The portability is awesome. The pigmentation is crazy. The creaminess and softness of the powders are great. The colour range is awesome. However the brush is a bit difficult. The product requires brain work (you need that light touch). And the blending also requires brain work (remember to powder first)!

Rating: 8.5/10

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