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Sunday, 17 January 2016

SPEND OR SAVE?: Too Faced Hangover Primer vs Marc Beauty Coconut Primer

HIGH END ITEM: Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Primer (Unavailable online in Australia. Only at Sephora stores) (U.S. Price and Link HERE)
RRP: $65AUD 

AFFORDABLE ITEM: Too Faced Hangover RX Primer (U.S. Price and Link HERE)
RRP: $47AUD 

Okay so I want to preface this by saying that I am aware that neither of these are considered "drugstore" items. However the prices of these products most definitely vary and the products themselves are quite comparable (in my opinion) so I thought a spend or save post would be appropriate! 

I will also apologise that Australians will not be able to get the Marc Jacobs primer online. They are only available in store. Sorry guys! But I think Sephora is open (if not, will be open) at most major cities soon. So fingers crossed that everyone can get their hands on them ASAP. 

So I will start Too Faced Hangover RX Primer.

My opinions on this product:

I have a full review on this product on my blog. The link is HERE.

I think this product is good and hydrating. It has a strong smell though. FULL BLOG POST!
Too Faced Hangover RX Primer
Price: $47AUD (Price at Mecca)
***Do you like my old school photos? ;)
I do like this product. If you want to get full details go to my full blog post! It's linked HERE

So moving onto the Marc Jacobs Beauty Coconut Primer.
Marc Beauty Coconut Face Primer
Price: $65AUD 
My opinions on this product:
I will say straight off the bat that... I love this product! It has gorgeous packaging - a frosted glass. So in your hands, it feels very luxurious straight away. It also has a pump which is hygienic and easy to use. One pump is actually too much for my face! I can get away with half a pump for my entire face - therefore a little goes a long way!

The formula is also amazing. It is a very moisturising primer. I haven't been very good about drinking a lot of water lately, and so my skin has been extremely dry and dehydrated. The only way that I can get my foundations to last hours (without looking like I have a 500 year old wrinkly dry shrivelled up skin) is to use this primer! It is seriously so amazing. The texture is slightly thinner than a moisturiser, but it truly keeps my skin feeling hydrated and nourished. I do think that it wears off (in terms of hydration for my dehydrated skin), within about 6 hours. But I think that's a pretty substantial amount of time to work! The smell is not pungent on this at all - there is barely a smell. I cannot fault the product! The formula is truly amazing and works very very well.

If there was one downfall I would say that the packaging is very heavy. This means that it isn't travel friendly! So I am a bit sad about that. But the product is so amazing that I really don't think that it matters!

So to tell you the similarities and differences.
A very tiny pump of both of them on the back of my orange hand
Left: Marc Jacobs Coconut Face Primer
Right: Too Faced Hangover RX Primer 
This is the products blended out - shows that they are almost identical 
Marc Jacobs Coconut Face Primer
Right: Too Faced Hangover RX Primer


  • Pump: Both come with a pump which is good.
  • Ingredient: Well... I didn't look at ALL the ingredients, but I know that both have coconut in them and it's a selling point so that is definitely a similarity between them.
  • Performance (what it does): they are both extremely hydrating and extremely moisturising. I have very dry & dehydrated skin and both are very good for it! 


  • Packaging: The Marc Jacobs is the heavy frosted glass, but the Too Faced is like a standard squeeze-y tube. 
  • Application: I only need half a pump of the Marc Jacobs, but need about two to two and a half pumps of the Too Faced if I want to cover my entire face.
  • Scent: The Too Faced definitely has a much stronger scent than the Marc Jacobs. This may annoy people because it is a very strong sweet scent. I personally don't mind.
  • Performance (how long it performs): Although both hydrate the skin, the Marc Jacobs does keep my skin feeling hydrated a little longer than the Too Faced.
  • Consistency: I think that the Marc Jacobs is EVER so slightly thicker than the Too Faced (which is EVER so slightly more water-y), but to be honest, it's not really detectable for most people.
  • Finish: Too Faced doesn't really change the finish of your foundation. The Marc Jacobs however, will make your foundation look a bit more 'glowy'.
    Verdict: Spend. I love both. Both do the same thing. Both are amazing. Both hydrate. Both are great. However, I have to admit that I love the packaging and consistency of the Marc Jacobs better. Because it is that EVER SO SLIGHTLY thicker than the Too Faced, and because it helps create a bit more of a glowy base, I do like it better. Also, a little goes a long way for the Marc Jacobs (which means the product will last longer), and because it keeps my parched skin hydrated for a bit longer, I think that it is definitely my preference! 


    1. Cannot. Spend. Anymore. Money. ARGHHHHH!! That MJ primer bottle looks so pretty DF xoxo

      1. Hahahaha girl honestly... Its worth the splurge!!!! Lol