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Thursday, 10 September 2015

TOP 5: Makeup Tricks & Hacks

So I decided to do a post that's a little bit different today. I have decided to share with everyone my top 5 makeup tricks and hacks! You may already know some and some may be new to you. I just hope that it's helpful for as many as possible. Let me know any of your makeup tricks or hacks! I love to read about the little things that you can do that make such a big difference in makeup routines. ENJOY!

P.S. Please excuse the messy brows in these pictures. I am currently growing them out to reshape them ;)

1. Master the Winged Liner

I have done a winged eyeliner look since... as far as I can remember. Over the years, I have experimented with different ways to perfect the wing and if there is something that I am confident about in my personal makeup, it's my ability to perfect my winged liner.

One trick that I love to do, particularly when I have messed up my wing, or I'm in a rush to complete it is to use a pointed & flat Q-tip/cotton bud. My favourite one is the Swisspers Dual Cosmetic Cotton Tips (link provided).

The unique shape of this (with one pointy end and one flat end) makes it perfect for fixing up a wing.

How to use:
1. Draw on your wing. This can be messy or not as perfect. You don't need that perfect flick because that's the point of the Cotton Tip. You also don't need both wings to be identical (yet).

2. Squeeze out a tiny bit of moisturiser or eye cream or concealer onto the back of your hand and gently roll the pointy side of the Cotton Tip into the product to get a thin smooth layer onto the Cotton Tip.

3. Roll the pointy tip along the bottom of the wing to perfection!

4. If you have any faded lines of eyeliner drawn across your face/temples, use the flat side of the Cotton Tip to just wipe it away and pat that area with your finger to blend any residue out.

Then, VOILA! You should have a perfected pointed wing!

2. Creaseless Concealer

One of the biggest issues that girls have with makeup is that their concealer creases. I cannot deny that I struggle with that issue too. There is only so much that good quality products can do when you have a bunch of fine lines (plus dry skin). So the following are a few tips to remember to minimise (not necessarily eliminate) the creasing of your concealer.

A) Pat both ways
When you're blending in your concealer, a lot of people tend to only blend outwards toward your temples. But you need to make sure that you're blending inwards towards the bridge of nose and outwards towards your temples. I always make sure that my last action is to bring the concealer inwards. This really helps to have a beautiful creaseless application of the concealer at first instance.

B) Look up
When you're patting in the concealer, tuck your head down and look up into a mirror. This will smooth out the lines when you're blending in the concealer and prevent it from creasing and settling into the lines underneath your eyes.

C) Powder immediately
Keeping your head down, make sure that you powder immediately after you have finished patting in the concealer.This will make sure that the concealer stays in place and does not settle into the lines. When doing so, don't apply too much powder because I personally found that too much powder leads to the powder itself settling into the lines.

D) Keep it hydrated
Being a girl with dry skin, my under-eyes are inevitably very dry. This exacerbates the creasing of concealer underneath my eyes. Therefore, I feel that keeping that area hydrated is of utmost importance. You can do this by using eye-cream, blending in your concealer with a damp beauty blender, using little powder, using a setting spray after powdering, and opting for a liquid rather than a thick dry creamy product. 

3. Long-lasting Lipcolour (without using a stain)

One annoyance I find with lipsticks is having to re-apply, and having to be conscious of the fact that the colour will wear off during the day. That's why my lazy side has prevailed and I've opted for liquid lipsticks or lip-stains that will not come off. However, I have been fortunate and discovered one technique that extends the longevity of my lipstick.

What to do:
1. Apply your lipstick as per normal.
2. Gently kiss excess onto a piece of tissue.
I forgot to get a shot of putting the tissue on my mouth ;)
3. Apply another coat of lipstick and gently kiss the excess onto a piece of tissue.
Not trying to be Asian ;) just indicating 2nd application ;) 
4. Grab another piece of tissue and separate it into a very thin ply of tissue.
5. Place this over your lips and grab some translucent or colourless face powder.
6. Pat some powder onto the tissue that is on your lips.

VOILA! You have long-lasting lipstick. (This does not mean it will last all day and night. However, it will prolong the wear of the lipstick).

4. All About that Base

If there is one thing I think is vital to flawless makeup, it's that your have a flawless base. So one simple, easy to understand tip is to spend that extra minute (or ten) on your base. Work on your skincare (my skincare routine posts are linked here and here), ensure a flawless foundation application by colour matching and blending well (my top 5 foundations post linked here), and make sure your contour, bronzer, blush and highlight aren't muddy or harsh. With a flawless base, any eye look or statement lip will pop and look stunning.

I know this is a simple and 'stupid' tip to many but I really do think it makes a significant difference in your makeup. When my skin is irritated, or flushed, or my base just went on muddy, my perfectly blended eye look begins to look muddy and unattractive (no matter how hard I try to make the eye look perfect). So if you're running short on time and want a stunning makeup look, I recommend a simple eye, perfected base makeup, and a statement lip!

Only eye makeup (no mascara)
All makeup on (no falsies)
So obviously, a flawless base complexion makes you look much more done up and the makeup looks more complete.

5. Know Your Face

One strange thing I have told a lot of people who ask about makeup is know your face. Without knowing your face, you won't know what does and does not suit your face. Without knowing your face, you won't know what techniques do and don't work for your face. No matter how many pictures on Instagram you see, how many Youtube videos you watch, how many products you own, without knowing your own face, you won't know what will look best on you. It is recognising that different face shapes, eye shapes, lip sizes, nose sizes, brow shapes, forehead sizes, exist, and that you will need to adapt your make up accordingly.

The following are some things about my face which I have realised:
  • I have a very round face
  • I have high cheekbones
  • My forehead is a normal size
  • I have uneven eyebrows 
  • I have a lot of eyebrow hairs
  • I have normal sized lips
  • My left jawline is more chiselled and defined than my right
  • My nose is quite bulbous 
  • My eyes have different 'double eyelids' 
  • I have small eyelid space
  • I have a slight double chin
Some of these were insecurities, but others were things I realised after multiple shameless selfies, and after examining different techniques for my makeup. This means that the contouring techniques for someone with a long face will not be able to be exactly applied to my face. The techniques for someone with large deep set eyes with a lot of eyelid space will need to be adapted. The techniques for someone with sparse brows with a straight shape may not work for my eyebrows.

So I think this is one key thing that people need to know in order to perfect their makeup. No face shape, eye shape, eye size, nose size etc. is better than another, more beautiful than another. BUT it's important to know what yours is and apply your make up accordingly.

Hope this was helpful! LEAVE A COMMENT with your tips & tricks! xx


  1. Amazing post Michelle! I learned some great tips here, and I am going to have to hunt down those pointy q-tips.

    P.S. your photos are lookin' great girl! ;)

    Daniela |

    1. Thanks babe! I appreciate it. And yes those Q-tips are an absolute lifesaver!!!