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Friday, 30 January 2015

TOP 5: Foundations

I truly believe that the key to flawless makeup is a flawless base. That's why my first instalment to my TOP 5 series will be TOP 5 Foundations. I own and have tried 30+ foundations including high end and drugstore options so I have been exposed to various formulas and the following are my absolute faves.

My skin: Dry-normal sensitive skin. 
I have eczema so my skin is super sensitive. I will occasionally get red bumpy rashes or dry flakey patches here and then as a result. However thanks to my new strict skin care regime, my skin has seen much less sensitivity and great improvement. 

The following are the specificities of each foundation. It is no particular order. For comparison purposes, my MAC Foundation shade ranges from NC25-35 depending on how tan I am. 

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation
RRP: $29.00
My Shade: 53 Golden Beige
Coverage: Medium
Finish: Satin-Dewy
This foundation is inexpensive and very easy to work with. It has a light-weight formula and leaves a beautiful finish on my skin. I also love that I can wear this for the entire day and not have all the moisture be sucked out of my face. (This is really important to me because my skin is so dry and I've had so many bad experiences in the past). I love that it's excellent for everyday use. It's so simple, lasts a good amount of time and really doesn't require much thought or effort when putting it onto the skin. It's definitely a top drugstore foundation for me which I have repurchased. The one frustration with this foundation is the limited shade range. There are essentially only 4 colours that do not really cover a large range of shades, so you can't even buy two and mix-and-match.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation
RRP: $48.00
My Shade:8.5
Coverage: Medium-Full (Buildable)
Finish: Matte
This is a a thick rich matte formula that gives me quite a full coverage. I use it for special occasions when I want a really airbrushed matte finish. It sets very quickly and so is good for a day that I am in a bit of a rush and just need my makeup to be ready and set as quickly as possible. The issues I have with it however is that because it's a squeezy tube, it's hard to push out when you start to come to the end of it. It also has a strong scent... which isn't really a pleasant scent. However, ultimately, I get a lot of compliments when I wear this foundation so it always leaves me feeling good. This helps me tolerate any issues I have with it.

The shade I have is quite light and suitable for me during the winter. However I have a dark shade to mix during the summer. The dark version I have is limited edition, but only because it has a bit of a shimmer/glow through it. (I definitely think getting a darker foundation shade will do the same trick).

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
RRP: $92.00
My Shade: 5.5 (but now 6.5 because it's more yellow)
Coverage: Medium (Buildable)
Finish: Satin
I bought this for the hype that was around it. I also thought to myself "this better be worth $92!". And... I wouldn't say it's necessarily worth $92, but I do love it. This shade is slightly too pink for me now (although it was perfect the day I bought it). But I can work with it. It is beautiful in photography. I have never seen my skin more perfect than when I use this in a photography. It is also another very long-lasting foundation. I'd say this is a foundation perfect for weddings or other special occasions where there will be a lot of photos taken. This does have a slight weird smell to it but it's not strong and goes away after about 30mins-1hour.

Chi Chi Fabulous & Flawless
RRP: $29.95
My Shade(s): 4 & 9
Coverage: Medium-Full (Buildable)
Finish: Satin
This. is. my. obsession. After watching Shaaanxo in one video wear this, I immediately went and bought it at Myer. (Also, if you keep your eyes peeled at either Myer or Target there is always a sale on this!) I am absolutely obsessed with the finish and coverage of this foundation. As soon as I put this on my face, I was blown away. I looked completely airbrushed and my skin looked so naturally flawless (which is strange considering the amazing coverage which it gives). I have a lot of spider-veins on my cheeks, but this covered all of it immediately. It then left my face look...perfect. It also ended up lasting for the entire day on my face...without drying out my skin at all (and for me, an entire day is 10+ hours). I used two shades - 4 for the winter when I'm lighter and 9 for the summer when I'm darker. Then in transition periods I'll mix the two. There is nothing negative I can say from my personal experience with this foundation. (Except that my two shades are extremely popular so always sold out!) 

However, my sister tried this foundation on my recommendation. She has oily skin and she said that it didn't last very long on her skin and it tended to slip and slide. So unfortunately, I don't think this will be very compatible with the oily skin ladies.

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation
RRP: $62.00
My Shade: 123
Coverage: Medium (Buildable)
Finish: Satin-Dewy
This is the newest edition to my favourite foundations. It's currently a shade slightly too light for my skin (so for girls about NC35 I'd say go for shade 127). This took a little while to grow on me but once it did, I fell head over heels. It is long lasting, very easy to apply and gives a great finish on the face. It photographs very well and leaves my skin looking and feeling flawless. Again, it's important to me that the foundation doesn't dry out my skin after a couple of hours, and this definitely doesn't do that! (Tick!) I love that there is such a broad shade range for this foundation! Anyone and everyone is likely to have a shade. I also love the packaging. It's so light, making it very portable and easy to take around. I also don't get afraid that I'm going to break it when I put it into a make-up bag.

If you have any questions about the foundations, how I apply them etc. Let me know and I'll be more than happy to answer them below! I may do a future foundation routine post. Also, let me know any recommendations for foundations that you may have too! 


  1. Oh cool post...I never heard of chi products

    1. Thanks Debbie! It's an Australian brand. But i think they ship internationally if you order online diect from their website! :)