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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

REVIEW: Chi Chi Gel Eyeliner Gift Set

ITEM: Chi Chi Gel Eyeliner Gift Set
INCLUDES: 10 Gel Eyeliners in an array of colours
RRP: $30 (AUD)

Claims: This collection of fashionable, highly pigmented and waterproof Gel Eyeliners are in a long wearing smudge-proof formula that allows you to create bold lines of intense colour in one easy stroke.

So for my first review I will kick start with an affordable product. I bought this on clearance for $21 at Myer after having eyed it for a little while.

Below are swatches & my opinions. 

Initial Application. 
Shades: Like a Virgin - Hopelessly Devoted - Boys Boys Boys - Midas Touch - Caribbean Queen - Dream Lover - Beauty School Dropout - Lo Cal Chocolate - Diamonds in the Sky - Black is Black 
The pastel and matte shades (Like a Virgin - Hopelessly Devoted - Boys Boys Boys - Lo Cal Chocolate - Diamonds in the Sky - Black is Black) went on super creamy and super pigmented. I really only need max 2 strokes to get this colour payoff.

However, the more glittery shades (Midas Touch - Caribbean Queen - Dream Lover - Beauty School Dropout) were slightly less pigmented and required a little more work to get the above colour payoff.

Ultimately, the result was that they all wound up providing good pigmentation and application. They were smooth and intense. I was very impressed and happy with this.

After letting it sit for 10 seconds and them rubbing my finger extremely aggressively over them about 20 times.
I then let the product sit on my arm for a few seconds and then decided to do a smudge test. Considering the formula is supposed to be waterproof and smudge proof I tested this out.

As you can see, after vigorously rubbing at the eyeliner a ridiculous number of times, the colours did fade. The opacity obviously dulled down. However, I must say there was no smudging whatsoever. Yes, the vibrancy was gone but there was no smudge lines at all. As you can see, the glitter shades were more likely to retain their pigmentation whilst the matte ones faded significantly.

Although I don't have any pictures, I also did a waterproof test. I walked around the shopping centre with the colours swatched on the back of my hand. I frequently washed my hands with soap and was not very careful when doing so just to truly test the product. I found the product to be extremely waterproof! I literally had to scratch it off with soap until my hand was red for the water to make any difference. This was pretty impressive.

I am pretty happy with the quality of this product - particularly considering how affordable it is. It really did live up to most of the claims. It was smudge proof, it was waterproof and it was highly pigmented. Some were more pigmented than others and some were more smooth gliding than others, but overall were pretty good. It does fade and lose colour after some time but, it's eyeliner not a permanent marker, so that was expected. I have to say the biggest disappointment is that you cannot purchase these individually - you have to buy them in the set. It's disappointing because a lot of girls will not need or want colours such as the hot pink, sky blue or metallic purple. However it's $30 for 10 eyeliners and considering the quality (comparable to my NARS eyeliners) I wouldn't be too reluctant to purchase these.

Rating: 8/10


  1. The colors are fabulous and they look highly pigmented, how is the staying power?

    1. Hi Debbie. The staying power is very good! I have super dry eyes & yawn a lot, so my eyes have a big tendency to water. This withstood that amazingly. I even put in eyedrops frequently and sometimes the eyedrops would roll down my face and run over the eyeliner. I gently wiped it away and it didn't effect the eyeliner much at all. My waterline did fade a bit more but it wasn't severe and my lash line stayed really really well!